Blog Topic Ideas

Feeling overwhelmed with trying to find a topic for your next blog post? It happens. We all know how important it is to have awesome and fresh content for our blogs in order to maintain readership and online presence, especially if you are a business … [Read more]

Best free stock photos

Finding great stock photos is not easy. Sometimes budget doesn't allow for the hiring of a professional photographer. So you say "Grab a photo from internet or any site." That can create all kinds of trouble you will want to avoid.  So you’re left … [Read more]

What color are you panties?

Ladies would you let the world know the color of your panties? Hanes has launched their Undercover Color campaign which requests women to reveal the color of their panties via Twitter in exchange for a free pair of undies! Current Trend is … [Read more]

It Pays to Have a Company Blog

More than 50% of consumers begin a search for a new business or services online. For that reason, almost every successful company runs a website that highlights its products and services. Having a strong online presence is absolutely essential … [Read more]

Mobile Friendly and Optimized Sites

Last year, more consumers shopped using mobile devices, according to a report from Javelin Strategy and Research $20 Billion was spent. That figure is sure to grow this year, experts said. A large majority of small- and medium-size businesses … [Read more]

Communication in a Connected World

In the digital world in which we live, it has become too easy to send emails, ping people via instant message, text, tweet, etc. Upon reflection, I think I've been too haphazard about how I communicate with my colleagues, clients, friends, and … [Read more]